"Chasing Hengmao, Going with Perseverance" Trekking Activity and SAP Phase 4

Time: 2020-08-10 Click: 235

Ambilight, marching towards a new journey; Hundreds of birds compete for current, sing a new era. On the morning of January 5th, the company's 2020 annual meeting will be held in the banquet hall of Turandot Hotel. More than 900 people from company leaders, shareholders, suppliers and guests gathered together to summarize yesterday’s brilliant performance and look forward to the company’s bright future. The short video "2019 Milestones" reviewed the company's growth and progress this year and kicked off the annual meeting. In the warm applause, Chairman Guo Min delivered an enthusiastic New Year's speech, summarizing the results of 2019. In his speech, he pointed out: 2019 is a year of responsibility, based on development, stable and long-term, and courageously moving forward. , This is a tense and orderly year, a year of unity and forge ahead, a year of facing difficulties, a year of touching hearts. This year, the company introduced and