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Fullriver Attend the 25th India International Telecommunicati

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February 8 - 10, the 25th India International Telecommunications Electronics and Radio and Television Equipment Fair held in India New Delhi International Exhibition Center, Fullriver started the entry into the Indian market first gun with this first show in the begin of 2017.

India International Telecommunications Electronics and Radio and Television Equipment Expo is an exhibition supported by the Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Information Technology, Radio and Information, since its inception in 1993, has been successfully held 24 sessions, the exhibition is India the largest and the largest mobile communications, telecommunications, Internet, satellite communications, broadcast video and related information products, but also the largest communications exhibition in South Asia. Each year, many well-known international companies around the Wireless, IT, Telecommunication and other technologies, display their own new products.

At the exhibition, Fullriver show their research and development, the original leading 8/16/24 two-layer and three-layer high-level switches and industrial switches, for its quality power consumption, functional performance, cost-effective and personalized depth customization ,gained many customer's interesting to get in-depth communication.


Over the past few years, FULLRIVER products have sold to South and Southeast Asian countries, in recent years, under the "sales market" to "sales network" overseas policy, the use of international exhibition platform and required the sales to Southeast Asia and South Asian countries, to make business in the market in South Asia and Southeast Asia, to complete the sales network to ASEAN, South Asia and other regions vertical coverage. At present, it has India and Indonesia and other places to establish a sales network for South Asia and Southeast Asia, the product continued to direct exports to Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia and other countries. In the future, it will be based on the local market performance and characteristics, to develop the local needs of the network communications products.


Mr. AnuPredeesh T 

Last year, Fullriver aimed at the Indian market, established the overseas market offices, from India Madurai AnuPredeesh T became the first team member . He has many years of experience in the development of electronic products, Every year, he appear in the world's major electronics show, his purpose is to find products for the Indian market to meet the Indian market demand for Network equipment. Since he met Fullriver in the electronic exhibition, he had one decision to cooperate with Fullriver , after careful assessment of consideration, he became a representative of Fullriver in the Indian market, responsible for the development of the Indian market and demand feedback. When Fullriver attend the exhibition in India, Mr. AnuPredeesh T made a special trip to help Fullriver work, recommend customers and introduce products. 

Mr. AnuPredeesh T and Miggie

Next, Fullriver will continue to participate in the world's largest ICT international event - CEBIT Hannover, Germany; the world's largest, most influential integrated electronics trade event in Asia - Hong Kong Electronics Show and the world's second largest, Asia's largest computer show - Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX Taipei).