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Fullriver and Central South University to renew the project c

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    Recently, Central South University and Fullriever meet together to held the meeting of "Hunan data sensing and exchange equipment engineering technology research center signing ceremony". Central South University teaching supervisor Liu Xiongfei, Hejun of School of Physics and Electronics, on behalf of Central South University with Fullriver  signed an engineering technology center to renew the agreement, the two sides based on the original good cooperation, continue to deepen the training of personnel, scientific and technological innovation, Transformation, industrial development and other aspects of cooperation. The signing ceremony was presided over by Wang Chuanwen, deputy director of Liling Economic and Technological Information Bureau, Mr. Guo Min, chairman of Fullriver, Jiang Hanbo, deputy general manager, and Zheng Lijian, secretary of the board of directors joined together.

Professor He Jun and Professor Liu Xiongfei of Central South University (right)


Hunan Province data sensing and exchange equipment engineering technology research center by the Central South University and Fullriver jointly built , in July 2015 , by the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department approved as the provincial engineering and technology center, the center is the first provincial engineering in Liling, but also the first settled in Hunan of the county level administrative unit of the provincial engineering and technology center. The agreement was first signed in 2013 for a period of three years, since its inception, the effect is significant, renewal agreement is expected to create greater glories.