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Fullriver moved Taipei with high quality products

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     Computex Taipei is being held in Taipei world trade center.  There are nearly 130 thousand visitors and more than one thousand exhibitors from all over the world attending.  The situation is unprecedented.  Fullriver, the leading company in network and communication manufacturing industry, attended the sparky exhibition with many new products.



Being down-to-earth, Fullriver stood out in fierce competition

     The buyer all over the world came to this colorful stage which is showing various new products, high tech and new ideas to search for business partners and cooperators.  It is reported that the visitors to Fullriver booth is more than 3000 thousand per day, the number of the company to Fullriver booth is nearly 100. And Fullriver signed cooperation agreement at site with more than 20 companies. Facing this achievement, Fullriver showed calm attitude with firm confidence in its products in the future market. Fullriver was established in 2002. With 13 years of development, it gained abundant experience in wireless network technology and system integration solution and has become one of the favorable partners for multi-enterprises and hotels domestically and internationally.



With innovative technology,exquisite production, Fullriver got the most‘Zan’partner title.

     “Fullriver is always exploring the newest wireless technology”Said one of the responsible sales representatives. “On this show, we displayed 10K Mbps enterprise switch, 5 port gigabit wireless Access Point Manager, 500Mbps powerline adapter,  Dualband 1.2Gbps Gigabit Wireless Router, 2.4G 300M Wireless Smart Socket. We developed all those products in the help of constant innovative technology and outstanding design. We hope they can help people to experience the convenience wireless technology brings to us.”Fullriver insists the management of "Product Innovation, Exquisite manufacturing", and always purse for strong - technology, exquisite - manufacturing,strict testing to provide our customers with excellent products and service. When wireless devices coming to the dual-band timing, Fullriver wins positive appreciation by co-operators, and also establishes a solid foundation for leading the market because of our good quality, reasonable price and completed after-service. "Product Innovation, Exquisite manufacturing" - Fullriver exhibition at Computex Taipei 2015 is a good beginning to open overseas market. In future, we would be launching more network devices and marketing strategy.