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The 3rd FULLRIVER Star Talent Competition ended successfully

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By September October ,the  star talent contest were for all FULLRIVER people of highly anticipated Feast Carnival,FULLRIVER Star talent aims to provide a wide range of talented people to show a talent and show themselves,the voting was by We Chat messenger  and this vote attracted more than 10,000 people. The number of votes were five thousand,Liling has become one of the most influential companies to participate in the voting, one of the most influential internal talent activities. This event has become one of Liling's largest number of participants and most influential corporate talent activities.


The evening of November 10th, the third FULL RIVER star Talent Contest Finals  and finally in hi-tech standardization workshop before FULL RIVER magnificent stage  the 11 group of players gave a cheer together from  all people and part of the college interns, proud and moved with the storage of audio-visual event.