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Gigabit Wireless Router(FR-WR1028ACUH-C)

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PDF Gigabit Wireless Router
Gigabit Wireless Router(FR-WR1028ACUH-C)

 FR-WR1028ACUH-C is a 1.2Gbps 11ac dual band wireless router that designed for health-conscious home users, especially for young children, pregnant women . This product adopted built-in wireless antenna, wireless output power adjusted intellectually.  provides you the stable network signal coverage and also safeguards family’s health by reducing the electromagnetic radiation. Meanwhile, this device has wireless switch function. users can turn off the wireless network without affecting wired access. FR-WR1028ACUH-C is 11ac technology based. Can provide the wireless rate up to  1.2Gbps which is three times than the general WiFi. Dual band concurrency technology to avoid interference. Both have power amplifier so can provide faster download speeds, smoother video and online gaming experience to end users. Use three color ring lights, real-time indicator of wireless signal intensity, warm and stylish.