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2.4G 300M wireless router (FR-WR3024NS-C)

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2.4G 300M wireless router manufacturer

FR-WR3024NS-C is a 11n 300M wireless router, compatible with IEEE802.11b/g/n standard, transmission rate up to 300Mbps.Allows multiple users to share a broadband connection, and can protect your private local area network.LAN users can share files, high-speed Internet access and playing online games.It is also a wireless Internet network access point.Users can use the wireless network interface connected to the Internet.It is a very ideal SOHO device, not limited by connecting cable, used to real-time, fast and access to the Internet users.



nComplied with IEEE802.11n backward compatibility IEEE802.11b/g
nBuilt-in firewall
nSoftware runtime update
nSupport functions of WDS wireless bridge
nSupport 64/128 bit WEP encryption
nTransmission rate up to 300Mbps


nSupport WIFI ON/OFF button