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24 FE2G Combo Ethernet Switch(FR-S1028DF-D)

Description of 24 FE2G Combo Ethernet Switch(FR-S1028DF-D):

It integrates 100Mbps Fast Ethernet and 10Mbps Ethernet network capabilities. The Switch delivers superior performance with improving workgroup, network bandwidth, increasing network node, providing greater flexibility, installation convenience. It is the best choice for increasing your speed. 


FR-S1028DF-D is easy to install and use. It requires no configuration and installation.


Features of 24 FE2G Combo Ethernet Switch Manufacturer (FR-S1028DF-D):

1. Intelligent identification

2. 2*Gigabit Combo ports

3. High performance, durable stability

4. Adopt the store - forwarding mode

5. Switching Capacity  8.8Gb