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Gigabit Combo Switch(FR-S1018DF-D)

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16-Port 10_100Mbps+1-Port Gigabit Combo Switch(FR-S1018DF-D)

Description of 16-Port 10_100Mbps+1-Port Gigabit Combo Switch(FR-S1018DF-D):

FR-S1018DF-D is a 16-Ports 10/100Mbps + 1-Port Gigabit Combo unmanaged Ethernet switch, provides sixteen 10/100Mbps self-adaption RJ45 port, plus one alternative gigabit port ---one 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port and one 100/1000Mbps SFP optical port, it can be used to link bandwidth higher upstream equipment. Using store-and-forward technology, combined with dynamic memory allocation, ensure the bandwidth effective allocation to each port. Special design a flow control switch, flow control switch is “ON”, it can avoid packet loss effectively when nodes in the sending and receiving data. Built-in high reliability, design for wide voltage input application power supply, even if the voltage is not stable of power grid, also can guarantee the equipment can work normally.


FR-S1018DF-D overall excellent performance, simple to use, plug and play, particularly suitable for security application, and other application of the work condition is relatively poor.

Characteristics of 16-Port 10_100Mbps+1-Port Gigabit Combo Switch(FR-S1018DF-D):

1. Intelligent identification

2. 1*1000Mbps SFP ports

3. Internal Power supply

4. High performance, durable stability

5. Adopt the store - forwarding mode

6. Switching Capacity  5.2Gb